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The investigators at Airtight are experts in surveillance and information gathering. When conducting Fixed Surveillance you can run up quite a bill quickly and the job could become very costly very fast. If your not sure when the best time is to conduct the surveillance then perhaps a surveillance vehicle is right for the job. For this kind of surveillance we set up a rental car with a fixed camera inside the vehicle, aiming at the crucial area and turn it on. We leave it to record on motion sensor with the onboard DVR, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as necessary. We can download the video and send it to you via file transfer at pre-set intervals. You don't have to worry about missing the important piece of video because you can't afford to have an investigator conducting surveillance 24/7. Relax, with a stationary vehicle you know you're covered. To talk about our reasonable rates, or buy the system outright and do it yourself when needed, Call us at 240-671-4342 and we'll talk about it.
When conducting surveillance for Insurance Fraud we usually spend time watching the subject going about his/her regular daily routine. However is there is fraud involved the subject will eventually do something wrong. For example if someone is claiming a severe back injury or other debilitating injury then moving heavy objects freely and without distress would invalidate the DISABILITY or WORKMAN'S COMP claim and that's when our detectives will make sure the camera is running.

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