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Airtight Security Plus has been serving the government, the general public and the commercial industry for over 20 years. Excellent service is our agenda, the lowest prices possible is our goal. The high tech world of Surveillance and Security equipment is now available to everyone.

Deciding what you need, in the way of security, is important in order to protect yourself in the right areas of your life. A good place to start it to decide what you need right now. We have a wide array of options including Wireless Cameras for indiscreet areas, Hidden Cameras for fixed locations, where wires can be easily hidden, Miniature Cameras when size matters. We also have a large selection of Counter Surveillance Equipment if you're worried that you are being spied on. We carry a full line of Security Cameras for home or office protection. With one of our DVR's you can keep an eye on your cameras while away from home or the office via a password protected web site as long as you have the internet where the cameras are located. You can view your video from any computer in the world, or even on your smart phone. Call 1.240.671.4342 for assistance with all of your surveillance and security needs.

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Airtight Investigations is selling 2 vehicle surveillance packages, includes: 1 - 12v 4 channel DVR w/500 GB Hard Drive, good for over a month of recording, 1 camera (3.6mm, 12mm, or 25mm lens), 1 Deep Cell battery (good for 3 to 4 days of full time recording). Complete system for $750.00. Call for details, 240.671.4342

Alarm Clock Camera w/Built in DVR

Wireless Cameras
These cameras have a range of up to 15 miles line of sight. With a range of up to 3500 feet going through 2 exterior walls...

16 Channel DVR with Motion Activated email Alerts w/8 IR Cameras
Surveillance Systems These systems come with 4, 8, or 16 cameras/DVR setups. Wireless or hardwired, color or Black and white, regular or infrared...

pen voice recorder

Spy Supplies
For the James Bond in you, listening devices, computer forensics, digital recorders and more...

RF detector
Counter Surveillance These devices can help you find wireless and hidden bugs and cameras, small discreet and a powerful tool in the covert art of...

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