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We are now hiring in Maryland. We have part time openings in Montgomery County, and the rest of Maryland.
On the job training available, call 240.671.4342 for employment opportunities.
For a free consultation, call us anytime. All Investigations are handled by professional detectives, trained in the arts of surveillance, interrogations, and crime scene analysis. Airtight Investigations has a network of Investigators all across the United States and abroad. All investigations are confidential, and the results of investigations are the property of the client. With Airtight Investigations you will get you an Investigator in your area. The Investigator on the job never has to know your name or any information about you (if you prefer it that way). Every investigation is handled in the strictest of confidence at a reasonable rate. Call 1.240.671.4342 for a free consultation.

The Detectives with Airtight work diligently to ensure that you get the information you need to make those important decisions that affect your life. Our Private Detectives understand the stress involved in delicate family and business matters and work hard to get all the facts to make those decisions easier.

Browse our list of cameras and equipment you can use to supplement your own inquiry. For more information on private investigator services in Maryland, call Airtight Investigations at 240-671-4342 for a free consultation.
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