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Should you buy GPS?
A GPS Tracking system is a great tool whether you buy or rent. If you are going to use the GPS for long term, like for keeping track of company vehicles, and are not likely to need an investigator to go along with it, then I would say you may want to purchase it outright and save money in the long run.

Should you rent GPS?
However if you are using it to check on the fidelity of your spouse, and may not need it for long term, then I would say you may want to rent. You can cancel at any time and stop your cost. If you buy there are monthly charges, same as your cell phone, that you would be responsible for. If you decide to rent GPS, you would avoid that commitment as the rentals come with airtime included.

Airtight Investigations will sell or rent GPS units to you at a reasonable rate. IF you are looking to buy then click here - Security Equipment and purchase a unit outright. Or if your need is short term and wish to rent then call us at 240-671-4342
What are the benefits of a GPS Tracking unit? With a Real Time GPS Tracking Unit there are unseen advantages, to help protect your teenagers you can see suspicious stops they may make, and if they are driving at a safe speeds. You can keep a real time eye on your company vehicles and make sure you don't get the short straw. Get the answers you need by bringing up the daily report any time you want, day or night, Saturday and Sunday, 24/7 no problem.
Rent a GPS Tracking unit from Airtight Investigations for just $25.00/day.

A refundable deposit is required.

Monitor tracking device from any computer or smart phone!

Install and removal fees may apply

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